An innovative, financial technology firm specialising in quantitative trading.

iSAM is comprised of iSAM Funds and iSAM Securities. iSAM Funds is an alternative asset manager specialising in systematic investing. Each strategy is unique, provides a specialist quantitative approach and is designed to deliver highly diversifying absolute returns for institutional portfolios.

iSAM Securities provides multi asset execution, prime brokerage and risk consultancy services to institutional clients globally.

iSAM Funds

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iSAM Vector trades in a diverse set of global financial and commodity markets in a highly disciplined and systematic framework. The program captures profits from persistent movements in prices on time frames ranging from intraday to several months, with a continual focus on diversification and dynamic risk balancing.

A quantitative strategy applied across liquid equities globally, iSAM Helix uses a broad range of statistical methodologies applied over a wide set of timeframes. The program uses many data sets on individual companies to take long or short positions and seeks to remain market neutral.


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